CERULADONS:Mayhem in Black Pine Written by Sam Cosby and Cla

CERULADONS:Mayhem in Black Pine Written by Sam Cosby and Clancy Metzger. SOMETHING IS WRONG IN BLACK PINE; THE CHILDREN ARE DISAPPEARING AND THE TOWNSPEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED OFF!!!!CERULADONS: Mayhem in Black Pine is the first short story audio book in the series the CERULADONS. It is directly connected with the novel entitled CERULADONS: Blue Dreams Rain to Tears. The narrative voice of the series, Katie Benns, brings the story to life. Lost In The Devil's Desert Written by Gloria Skurzynski. Eleven-year-old Kevin finds himself alone and lost in the Utah desert, with only his wits to help him survive.Narrated by Katie Benns. Music by Sam Cosby. Artwork by Pamela Cosby. The Ghost of Lindsey. Written and Narrated by Ken Freimuth. Ken gives a real life account of his experiences at Lindsey Air Station. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is storytelling at its finest. Produced By Katie Benns/Literature Aloud. Virtual Realities Written by Mariner Trilling. A collection of short stories by Second Life resident Mariner Trilling. Narrated by Katie Benns

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